2 responses to “Another Thing to Blame on Mom: Lefties”

  1. Ann Delaney

    Not to worry…this “lefty” has survived just fine in a right handed world. I am also the daughter of a lefty Dad, and have an adorable left handed grandson. Oh, and how about the President of the United States (he’s a proud lefty, too!)

  2. Valerie Bigelow

    Okay, lets bring up more positive things about lefties. Most Presidents are lefty, Obama, Clinton, Bush Sr… and I would consider that a high profile job. :) My daughter is a lefty, the rest of us are right handed. We knew she should be a lefty early on, it was clear it was her preferred hand. We do struggle with things like showing her how to hold a golf club, baseball bat, tying her shoes. We always have to show her the “backward” way… maybe we are confusing her in that way, but otherwise she seems completely normal to us, and we are still amazed everyday with her left handed-ness….

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