3 responses to “THE HAPPIEST MOM: Mom Chooses Not to Feed Anger”

  1. Kathy Sena - BadBallet.com

    Oh, Meagan, I felt as if I was sitting right there at the table with you and I physically felt your frustration as I read this. We’ve all been there. Thanks for the good reminder to make the other choice. Too often when I’m tired or frustrated — or when my teenager is being a teenager — I default to holding onto anger. This was a great reminder. Next time, I’ll try to think “Meagan/French toast!” Thanks.

  2. jessica kunze

    I am a big fan of your policy, which as I see it is the plan to come up with Plan B when necessary and be happy with Plan B(or sometimes even Plan C!). I’ve been married for 15 years(broken down as follows: 5 years + 3 1/2 years separated + reconciled for the past 6 1/2 years), and it isn’t always a rose garden. However, if you hold on to old anger, disappointment, and resentment, you shoot yourself in the foot by ruining any chance you have for happiness!

  3. Alex | Perfecting Dad

    It happens a lot. I never can understand why someone makes choices, gets an outcome, then is angry at others who made different choices that turned out better either by accident or because the choices were really better.

    That said, I do have a bad habit of nagging on nits, such as when people carelessly give away easy problems. Like if you didn’t solve your own simple problem but made it someone else’s problem instead, by saying “Now what do I do? I have no breakfast.” I realize that some people “brainstorm” out loud like that, not expecting help to solve the problem, but when I’m asked a question I usually think they need an answer :) The whole mars and venus thing.

    Anyway. I think you could have got a piece of French toast from the buffet to replace your soggy toast and the restaurant would have been totally ok with that.

    Nice work. I’m glad that you didn’t unload on your family!

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