4 responses to “Momma Can’t Sleep. Well, Duh.”

  1. Faby

    I am trying to get my pillow answered “why I cant sleep now if I have been dreaming of you all day my lovely pillow?”.

    Seems like there is no hope for a good sleep.

    But, the next day my daughter’s eyes and happiness make it all better.

  2. RockinGrandmaMusic

    Point number 4 – we don’t know how to prioritize is the big culprit. If we slow down just enough to really think through what’s important, I think we all would be a little more sane.

  3. Aviva Goldfarb

    Well said, Jen. We just have way too many things to keep track of and sometimes it’s hard to putting the spinning brain in neutral. I’m a big fan of leaving the smartphone downstairs and keeping real (rather than e-) books next to the bed.

  4. JD @ Momagement

    You just described me to a T. Next time my husband doesn’t understand why I can’t turn my brain off and just go to sleep, I’ll show him this post and maybe THEN he’ll get it!

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