6 responses to “A Plea for the End of Breast Awareness”

  1. Gwen Moran

    Yes, the girl should have been discouraged from wearing that shirt. But I’m really bothered by the actions of the boy. What a classless thing to say. So, just as we vilify the girl for what she was wearing (and, perhaps, her parents for letting her wear it), I think he should also be held to an equal measure. Clearly, his manners and his level of respect for young women need improvement.

  2. Alex | Perfecting Dad

    I’m totally immune to boobies, but I’ll tell you about some other weaker men … the girls with curves have total mind control power over them. It’s the same as a tall, tanned, handsome man in a tailored suit, or a rock star, or the sports star, are for the girls. The girls love ‘em even though they don’t know ‘em. Lots of girls figure out that their natural advantages have power.

    Anyway, they’re just attributes. My opinion, as a guy, wear them how you want. There are guys who can’t “handle” it and will be obnoxious like that kid you mentioned, but if the girl doesn’t care then there’s no problem. That said, if a “free show” there means a lot more to the girl than a free show of the knees or arms or midriff then maybe the girl is showing a little too much for her own comfort. It’s all about self-confidence.

    Sorry, I’m a guy so maybe I don’t have a real opinion about this :) I just know that I was mortified when my friend came over when I was in elementary, my mom let him in while I was showering, and he saw me walk out with just undies on. I freaked. Now that I’ve watched my wife give birth to four kids, wiped butts, bathed kids, I’ve been doing sports for a long time, etc etc I don’t care anymore. I’ve change in mall parking lots on occasion. I just project my early experience and imagine that it must be how some girls feel to have been the target of a “free show”.

  3. Dawn

    I think in the age of Ga Ga & Kardashian, attention for attention’s sake is becoming the norm, whether it is positive or negative. I have two young boys, and they have asked about “clothing choices” that others make. I hope the become immune by the time they are teens. Like a boob immunization. :-)

  4. Becky

    I also have boys, but I was a girl once! I think that making guys notice you can be empowering, but teenagers doing it by showing off cleavage probably sets a bad precedent. All teens need to learn to value their inner qualities ahead of their outer qualities.

  5. Kris Bordessa

    As the mother of two teen boys, the cleavage factor is bothersome to me. To have such provocative views on constant display is just taunting the hormones. I’ve taught my guys to be gentlemen, but the low cut Ts certainly must make it difficult for them!

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