4 responses to “MOMVERSATION: Does Every Parent Have a Favorite Child?”

  1. carisa

    There is no way I could ever have a favorite child. They are all different, and wonderful in their own ways. My heart does not register favoritism, really it does not. It is big enough to hold love for them all in the same capacity. My biggest hope and goal is that they all always have each other and are close siblings as teens and adults and put their family before peers or friends. As adults, marry well so we can have long lasting close knit family. I may have a favorite daughter in law but we have about 20 years to worry about that!

  2. Leah Ingram

    Hi, Jen:

    I read about that, too. And I agree: favorite child changes based on what’s going on in your life. Heck, sometimes I favor my dog over my husband but that doesn’t mean I love either any less!

    Thread drift: how did you get hooked up with the Momversation video series? I’d love to get that on Suddenly Frugal!


  3. amanda

    Love this – my kids all think they are my favorite. And I really don’t think I do have a favorite. My favorite is whichever one is behaving best at any given moment. On the rare occasion that they are all behaving, it’s a three-way tie…but I can’t think of a time that ever happened… :-)

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