3 responses to “Do You Need a “Mommy Salary”?”

  1. Joanna @ SBT

    haha no thanks I’ll pass on the pity salary, I prefer just sharing in the 100% of what my husband brings home and what our home business makes.

  2. Alex | Perfecting Dad

    Love your commonsense take. A stay-at-home parent’s work is very valuable, probably worth more economically depending how you calculate than the working parent, but I do dread hearing the schemes to formally move money under people’s names. I thought in a marriage each person gets 100% of the income anyway! In our household I work the job (though my wife makes a lot of money also since we put many investments in her name and she runs http://www.nucleuslearning.com which makes money too) but all the money goes into a join bank account. It’s all hers.

    10% _is_ a lame and belittling number. If there’s a number it should be 50% income splitting.

    Love the previous commenter who went back for another degree. Same with my wife, got a graduate educational psych degree, and runs her own business. Moms definitely shouldn’t feel like they need some allowance.

  3. Karen

    Good post!

    No, I do not think SAHM’s need a “Mommy Salary.”

    I was a SAHM for over 15 years. During that time, I did return to school for another degree. I also did a ton of volunteer work in my new field. I used that information to keep my resume current and to hone my new skills along with my older ones.

    As for income – my husband and I have always shared the income, no matter who earned it. It’s called a “Partnership.”

    And as for that South African businesswoman thinking that a SAHM should get 10% of her husband’s income – wow, that is pathetic.

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