3 responses to “Woman Runs Marathon, Gives Birth Same Day. Moms Everywhere Give Up.”

  1. Olga

    Most doctors will tell you that at 39 weeks of pregnancy and even much earlier than that, everything you do consumes energy. When you engage in strenuous activity, the baby receives less oxygen because you consume all the oxygen yourself to do that tiring thing you just couldn’t avoid.Now imagine that baby trying to take a breath while her mother is running a f***ing marathon.I suppose when she gets pregnant again she will engage in skydiving and kick-boxing. That should earn her another 15 minutes of tape-time.Hideous.

    1. A


      your statement falls in the face of reality.

      A knowledgable doctor, barring any unusual complications or indications, will tell a fit woman to keep doing what her body is used to, and othr women not to begin excessive exercise if they hadn’t done it before.

  2. Mama's Tantrum

    I’m floored! Here I am DEBATING with myself whether to sign up for a 5k and I’m not pregnant.

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