6 responses to “FREEBIE FRIDAY: S’mores Giveaway”

  1. Summer

    The summer is almost gone and I have not had one :( My favorite memory is when we have a bonfire behind our church and everyone would make smores and hangout. So fun! Thanks for giveaway!

  2. Grace

    I make ‘fake’ smores by mixing together mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and teddy grahams!

  3. Janice

    well, unfortunately that’d be at home since I haven’t been able to get away due to work. :( But a smore is a smore…. good anywhere! ;)

  4. karla

    If you soften a chocolate square (or slab) in the microwave, you can assemble a s’more at work. Because I need chocolate more while I’m at work than while I’m on vacation. Putting a marshmellow is messy (dangerous) in a microwave, so my cubby has marshmellow whip-type fluff hidden in the drawers.

  5. Crunchy Con Monny

    Can you believe I haven’t had any s’mores at all this entire summer?!? My fave smore memory is probably making s’mores at a professor’s house in college with our honors group (including my Hubby back when he was just my fiancé!)

  6. Leah L.

    My husband had been requesting s’mores for the last couple of years and I, having not had many s’mores growing up, kept denying his request. Well, I finally gave in and we made them one night over our gas stove…and I’ve been addicted ever since! We’ve made traditional s’mores, peanut butter s’mores, “indoor s’mores” (made with Golden Grahams cereal), enjoyed s’mores ice cream sandwiches, and today I’m planning on making s’mores brownies! I just can’t get enough!