One response to “OFF MY NOODLE: Saving Money the Old Country Way”

  1. George Snider

    When I was a boy back in the 1940s, my grandfather had a house in the woods that had no electricity, no central heat, no central plumbing. My mother cooked on a wood stove. A fireplace provided the heat. There was an outhouse at the end of a path. We had a battery-operated Zenith Trans-oceanic radio and a wind-up phonograph. Television was unheard of. We played cards and talked until dark and then went to bed. The iceman delivered ice periodically for the icebox. There were also deliveries of milk and baked goods. The best chocolate milk and chocolate eclairs ever. Nearby was a patch of wild blueberries which were large as marbles and the sweetest you ever had. How in the world can our hectic life of today compare with that? I dunno…

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