10 responses to “When Motherhood Yanks You Backwards”

  1. Jen Singer

    Especially for football moms. I’m a soccer mom, Sarah, but you football moms give up six days a week, don’t you? Good luck with the rest of the week!

  2. sarahviz

    I so get this as I’m having a Week From Hell (and it’s only Monday!) with lack of childcare, sick kids, football, work issues, etc. Motherhood is certainly not for the faint of heart. Amen.

  3. StaceyMom

    Was just yanked backwards the other day in the grocery store with my own three terrors. Love this post. Thank you!

  4. suburbancorrespondent

    Every job has bad days – but you never hear someone say to a lawyer or doctor or other professional, “Well, you CHOSE that!” when they complain about billable hours or an uncooperative patient or any of the other pitfalls of the working life. Why do people feel free to do that with mothers, I wonder?

  5. Jen Singer

    I suppose we all have to be a “Meanie Butt” (ha Ann!) sometimes, even while they’re yanking us backwards.

    Thanks for sharing your stories and your comments. MommaSaid’s fans are so wonderfully wonderful.

  6. karala

    Beautifully written. Thank you so much for this.

  7. Ann Delaney

    SO true. I just returned from a weekend babysitting my grandchildren, and guess what? The roller coaster ride continues with the next generation. We had fun at the playground, and then a melt down at the grocery store. Sweet hugs after time at the pool, and within hours, the 3 year old was calling me a “meanie butt”. Thankfully, it’s easier to take (and more amusing) as the “Nan” than the “Mom”.

  8. Denise Schipani

    I am TEARING UP reading this, having just returned from an aborted, “please let’s try to have fun when camp is done, school is still very far off, and I have work to do” outing. We were having a nice time at the park, really! We had ice cream! We played! We were JUST going to stop at KMart and buy a new beach umbrella! Until James got racked with The Stomach Ache to End all Stomach Aches. Seriously, SCREAMING HIS FACE OFF in the car, only quieting down long enough to hear the words to the Billy Joel song on the radio, “Say Goodbye to Hollywood.” He moaned, “say goodbye to my LIFE!” If I weren’t trying to keep from having a car accident worrying he was going to yack all over the car, I’d have laughed. So much for the rest of our afternoon. He’s lying down now and I GUARANTEE he’ll be up and right as rain in a half hour, even though on our last block before coming home he insisted we go right to the hospital.

    [climbs back up from bottom of hill]

    GREAT post, my friend.

  9. Elena Aitken

    Great post, Jen!
    Motherhood DOES indeed yank you backwards. And that’s okay.
    Because like you, I wouldn’t trade it. Except maybe on those days when he’s hit his sister, again, nobody likes dinner, the tantrum’s been going for hours and…gee, is that a cheap flight to Hawaii…
    Not even on those days.

    Loved this post. :)

  10. Karen Hug Nagy

    What a great post, thank you so much for spreading the word, that sometimes, Motherhood is like one step forward and two steps back. Hope the deer is OK.

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