42 responses to “FREEBIE FRIDAY: $100 Ann Taylor Gift Card”

  1. Denise Tzouganatos

    My shorts are either my husband’s old boxer shorts…or ratty old paint stained demin shorts. AND, to my family’s embarassement, I WEAR THEM OUT IN PUBLIC!

  2. Jinny

    I need to up my “office-worthy” game!

  3. Sara Phillips

    My wardrobe needs a WHOLE NEW update! LOL! But mostly my tops – I need new dress shirts. Thank you for the chance!

  4. Kathy Sena - BadBallet.com

    Oh, man, my ratty, old yoga pants — which I wear WAY too often — have got to go! You know the ones. You may have them, too. Stretchy, black, easy to grab in a pinch. Time to trash ‘em and start fresh!

  5. julie

    I need some cute tops for date nights with hubby. I feel like all my clothes are “mom” clothes and would love to look trendy and pretty for a night out. Not that we get out that Much lol! Maybe we would if I had some new tops!!!

  6. angela

    Uh oh, I could write a whole post (ok a series of posts) about this!

    I desparately need new jeans and some modern tops with a flair. I’ve played it safe the last couple of years and want a little more fun in my wardrobe this fall!

  7. Jennifer L K

    Everything could use an overhaul, but my capri/pants department is the worst. I keep waiting until I fit into a smaller size, so I am rotating just a couple pairs hoping to motivate me toward that goal!

  8. Stesha

    My dresses are outdated. I can’t remember the last time I actually bought one.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  9. Janice Banther

    After looking at my closet, I could use Pants. Pants that are more light weight since I live in Florida.
    Thank you!

  10. Cindy

    I need skirts! I’m so over wearing jeans all the time!

  11. Grace Davin

    I need some new dress blouses and pants – cuz theones I have are too Big!!! (good problem to have)

  12. Sandra Lamb

    Where to start? Maybe the most “special” and wonderful item would be that piece–jacket perhaps, like the one I once purchased at Ann Taylor–that can be thrown on and makes the wearer feel great! The can-go-anywhere and look Fab piece.

  13. Christine P Stewart

    My shoes need some overhauling!!

  14. Cristi Carpenter

    Hi, I would like to refresh my summer wardrobe the most. But since fall is not too far, I’d probably like to throw a few autumn colors in there too.

  15. Stephanie

    Sadly my WHOLE wardobe needs a make-over…I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl…need to expand my wardobe..oldest son has started at a prestigious high school and the country mouse now has to mingle with the city mice… I feel horribly underdressed compared to the other moms…

  16. Anne Scala

    I carry my weight in my midsection so finding comfortable, flattering pants can be very tricky. If they fit in the waist, they look too big in the legs. Some of the slimmer cut jeans and pants make my mid-section look even bigger. I end up wearing comfortable pants that look sloppy, and I really want to change that.

  17. David Calleo

    My favorite clothing is the shirt that has been in my drawer for the last 16 years. It is a black AC DC shirt that I wore when my son was born. Worn and comfy, because it is the old cotton that was thick and nice.

  18. Jennifer

    it almost fall y’all…I crave a new wardrobe of tall boots, leggings, tunics, wide belts, fun scarves!

  19. Heather

    Everthing I own/wear has either a hole or a stain. I need that Ann Taylor gift card BAD!

  20. Lyn Mettler

    Oh, I so need a wardrobe refresher in the professional attire department. I tend to let every other member of my family get new clothes before me and somehow there’s never enough left in the bank for me. Ann Taylor is just my style – professional, classy and understated. No more suits from 10 years ago hanging in my closet please ;-)

  21. Cathie Beck

    Underpants. Do they use the term “underpants” any more?

    I keep thinking I will lose this 10 pounds and THEN I will treat myself to some sweet, little “lingerie.”

    For now — 10 pounds firmly ensconced on my hips — my underpants drawer looks like the rag bag at the back of the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink.


  22. Tammy Coleman

    NEW BRAS!!! I need new bras very badly!!!!! I never have the time to try them on while chasing a toddler around the dressing room!! LOL!

  23. Lindsay N.

    TOPS! I’m pretty tall (5″9′) and have a hard time finding tops that are long enough in the torso length!

  24. Julie

    I’m emerging from Target tee+short mom mode back into full-time working woman and mom mode. Along with that, I lost a lot of that post-baby-wait-now-they’re-toddlers-no-wait-preschoolers weight and am struggling with my new shape. I’ve been trying to find some thing that transition from work to afterschool to evening and all the demands and roles my every day demands. Ann Taylor is my go-to place…especially because I LOVE how they support teachers!!!

  25. Liz

    All my shirts. I can wear them a few times, but if I am within spootshot of the kids, it seems that I always get hit with a stain. But not my husband! He always seems to dodge it!

  26. Carey

    HA! Cancer + steroids= need for an entire new wardrobe.

  27. Emily

    Everyday clothes. I have either t shirts & shorts OR dressy dressy outfits. Nothing in between. Help!

  28. Debbie

    I could use some more flattering shirts and shorts. We have an Ann Taylor in town adn I love their stuff – got some great dresses there in January (90% off!). Haven’t been able to splurge on myself since then.

  29. Victoria KP

    I could use a refresher for clothes that are a little nicer than jeans but not as dressy as a suit or dress. Casual but nice is tricky for me.

  30. Denise Morse

    I need some new basics like solid color tees and tanks

  31. Ms. Marsha

    Last summer I lost a whopping 68 pounds. I have not financially been able to replace all the clothes I had to give away. I lost about 3 dress sizes. A friend who was also losing weight has been kind enough to donate some of her clothes, but I would LOVE to pick up some classic wardrobe basics that are semi casual.

    Ann Taylor rocks!

  32. Julie Davis

    I need new pants. Working out all summer – I need to go down a size!~

  33. Lorrie

    Nice clothes to wear out to dinner, event…not real fancy but step up from daily work clothes…I basically I one that I bought last year & fits me…few other ones really don’t fit me & are from long ago…so I basically just wear this one outfit each time….

  34. Kimberly Spenninck

    Everything, but especially shirts. They all have spit up stains.
    And I love love *love* Ann Taylor.

  35. Carrie

    I know my supervisor secretly loves that my T-shirts match my Converse sneakers, but for meetings I’m thinking he might prefer dressier fare. And for me to stop referring to bathroom breaks as needing to use the “potty.”

  36. Sarahviz

    I am commenting from the beach b/c I love AT and desperately need new work pants for fall!

  37. Steve

    Now that my wife is working summers in the office, she is always saying how she needs some summer biz casual shirts. I’m sorry I can’t be more detailed: I’m straight guy. The shoes will always be black to me.

  38. Glenis

    Oh well,summer vacation is almost over.Going back to work so soon needs a little pazzaz!My oldest daughter always says mom change your color!Cause its always basic Black and White!Put a little color,I work as a Speech Aide make just a minimum wage in Fl.Then having a one year old baby after 12 years,its tough!!Doing all over again! I like Ann Taylor but only buy the Final sale,cause i can’t afford to buy on regular price.!!!

  39. Beth

    I need to expand my fall/winter wardrobe beyond jeans. They are comfortable, easy and quick, but it’s time to look a little more polished in the cold months!

  40. Tricia

    I buy more for my son than for myself, and a lot of what I do get comes from Target. It would be great to just buy something and not worry about if it’s on sale or how much it costs…

  41. Joan

    My wardrobe is kind of lacking across the board, I think mostly because so much of it is 10plus years old :( I would say the part of my wardrobe that is the most lacking is under garments and pjs!

  42. Gina

    I think my shirts/tops should be refreshed..I seem to wear plain t-shirts, no collars, almost everyday. I need some shirts with more style and flare.