5 responses to “Super Ramp Puts Mom in Her Place”

  1. Helen

    I was feeling proud of him right along next to you and then i burst out laughing. to bad it doesn’t work for us also.lol

  2. Margaret

    bwaaaa hahahahahaha! Maybe I should make a Super Ramp… then when my kids ask why the dishes are dirty… erm… somehow I don’t think this works for adults…

    1. Jen Singer

      Sadly, no. “I couldn’t reach my deadline because I was making a Super Ramp.” Nope. Doesn’t work, does it Margaret? Ha! You’re right.

  3. Serenity Bohon

    Nice. :) I relate to every part of this post. I also feel such glee when my kiddos “work on their book” or their homemade comic strip or paper airplanes instead of Super Smash Brothers. But this response is so like something I might get as well. I say stay smug! He could have done non-creative things to avoid the room-cleaning as well.

    1. Jen Singer

      Why, thank you. I shall revel in the smug….well, maybe after he cleans that thing up or at least moves it out of the family room!

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