2 responses to “THE HAPPIEST MOM: 6 Tips to Get the Kids to Help Clean the House”

  1. Alex | Perfecting Dad

    Hi Meagan. Great advice. I’m with you on these. I think that kids ought to clean up after themselves. It’s easy to make the case for that to them as well. The harder thing for me has always been to get the kids to help with things they didn’t cause, like general chores. You know, nobody actually made the grass grow, but somebody has to cut it. Who’s that gonna be :). I think that you covered some great ways to make that happen. I wrote about this too a while ago, including what I think is a cute video of my kids hauling lumber at How to Get Kids to clean Up After Themselves. Anyway, you and I are on the same page. Thanks for the article.

  2. Shannon LC Cate

    Here’s another: make a list. My older child loves to do things, then cross them off the list. I break tasks down, like you recommend–but into really tiny steps to give her more things to cross off. It’s good for reading skill building too. And if you want to boost the academic AND life skills even more, you can have the kid think up the tasks and/or write out the list, depending on their skill level.

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