5 responses to “What's in a Dust Bunny?”

  1. Stephanie L

    dog hair (lots of dog hair as Katherine said), cheerios, pine needles from Christmases past, bits of dried fruit that was eaten by toddlers stolen from the fruit bowl at unapproved times, dried flowers and other outdoor treasures and of course dead skin and baby fingernail clippings. Our poor vacuums! Well of course who has time for that!

  2. karla

    Cat hair and pink Barbie doll clothes fibers from the Barbie scarf the cat stole.

  3. Grace

    last weeks cheerios that were under the table before folks started stepping on them and turning them into dust (bunnies)….

  4. Karen Hug Nagy

    I agree, they are made up of a lot of stuff, besides I think Dr. Oz claims to know all too much, just saying’

  5. Katherine M

    Dog hair! Lots and lots of dog hair. Oh, maybe some of mine too!

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