5 responses to “10 Signs You've Been Living with Children Too Long”

  1. Denise Smale

    I do the first one all the time, sometimes its just when they leave the room and I realize I am still watching Max & Ruby!

    1. Jen Singer

      Hahahaha, Denise! I used to leave my kids with my mother-in-law once a week and run errands, etc. I’d get about a mile from the house, look in the review mirror, see empty carseats and panic. Then I remembered I had the morning off. Enjoy Max & Ruby!

  2. Mia Redrick

    Great ideas here. I think parents with young kids could do this just to have bonding and learning time with their angels. A valuable resource for parents here Mia. Glad I checked your site. Keep up the good work! :)

  3. Bobby Blackwell

    This made me smile. I just had to comeback and leave a comment. :)

  4. Sharon Bially

    Not quite like my life, but funny!

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