2 responses to “Real Supermoms Wear Track Shoes. Please Stop.”

  1. Theresa Froehlich

    Temple University psychology professor Frank Farley did some studies in America and Europe in the 1980’s on heroism. He found that parents always come up at the top of the list.

    Being a mother takes tremendous commitment and courage. I am inclined to vote for every responsible and conscientious mom as a “supermom.”

    I have raised two kids who are now young adults. Particularly after our difficult launching experience, I am prepared to salute every mother, track stars or no stars. My passion now is to help the moms who struggle with launching and letting go.

    Coach Theresa

  2. stacey cook

    The extreme examples of “super moms” really do not leave any room for a “shout out” to the every day mom who always goes the extra mile for her kids, family, community and STILL finds time to work out and take care of her personal health. Understandably these are track stars that may have a “time stamp” on their athletic prime and may have no choice but do it this way. …however to profile them as “super moms” takes on a whole new meaning when we look out to the everyday mom doing their very best. Super Mom…that title extends itself far beyond the scope of the article.

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