2 responses to “To Heck with Murphy. It's Mom's Law”

  1. Sachia

    When all kids are entertained watching movies or playing…you answer the phone…they all fall apart and need your attention right now. You get the baby’s diaper half off…reach into the diaper bag and realize you have no baby wipes. You plan all week to make sure kids are healthy and well so you can have a moms night out and who comes down sick…MOM. You see one shopping cart left in the grocery store parking lot which will transport your two young children, recycling bags, purse and coupons to the store which must surely be a 1000 feet away….the 20 yr old single guy carts it away as you refrain from falling on the ground crying with frustration.

  2. Arianne

    Lol! I just talked about “Mommy’s Law” on facebook recently. Some mentioned were these: “The day you wash all the sheets, at least one kid WILL wet the bed,” and the classic one, “The day you either get back into your skinny jeans, finally sell all your baby stuff, or, in our case, commit to art school (and a tiny apartment and budget), is the day you get a positive pregnancy test.” I can’t remember the others, but you are so right!

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