3 responses to “Got Cancer? Yeah, You Ain't So Tough”

  1. Bobby Blackwell

    Congratulations! You are a true inspiration to those who are suffering from cancer. Every survivor in their own right. They fight their own battle and win them over. You inspire everyone to kick ass cancer out. Continue to be an inspirational warrior.

  2. Patricia Blackburn

    Congratulations, Jen. I too am celebrating an anniversary. It is 2 years since my diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer – I have outlived the original prognosis but not without relapse from remission. I AM a WARRIOR. I do it alone, with no helpful neighbors or family while caring for my 88 year old mother, no children though which is a sad blessing at this point. But it can be done, even under the worst circumstances and your message of hope is an important one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Karen Nagy

    I’m so happy for you be celebrating here today, thanks for sharing a story that anyone of us could have to deal with.

    Take care

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