2 responses to “Do We Really Need to Teach Kids to Play? Maybe in the Play Deserts.”

  1. jessica kunze

    Personally, my older daughter(a 4th grader) doesn’t get home from school until almost 4:00. Between lessons in language, dance, and singing, she really only has time for homework, dinner, and bath on most weekdays. Weekends I have work, but I have done my darndest to give my kids the unstructured time they need. (We do live in a Play Desert, I believe-it’s so different from when I was a kid and you could just walk around and see who could come out to play.) I find it takes vigilance and a strict no-tv policy, which is tough to enforce when dad’s not always on board. For the most part it’s working, though. My kids play and they’re very creative, but I did not expect it to take so much effort on my part in terms of having to make their environment conducive to playing.

  2. Jennifer Fink

    We need to give them time, space and freedom to play. And those things, sadly, are lacking in parts of our modern world.

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