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  1. jjbailey

    Recently I realized I felt very annoyed by my teen daughter and my mother, two people I have always cherished and loved. This feeling really bothered me. After wrestling this feeling I was inspired to focus on listening to each of them no matter how annoying they made me feel. I quit focusing on what I was saying and listened. When I practiced this I was able to feel less annoyed and appreciate the precious people they are. And yes to be prepared for the listening I do have to nurture myself (see my blog at http://www.abundantnurturing.wordpress.com)

  2. Sheryl

    This is so helpful – and so true. It’s hard to be stuck between two places. And it’s equally difficult to see the process that parents go through as they age. Like grabbing the oxygen mask first before you place it on someone else, you can’t adequately care for another until you make sure you are fully energized with what it takes. And I love your advice to “let go of what things are supposed to look like on the outside.” So true.

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