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  1. EdgeofCrazy

    I made a decision a looong time ago, that I could either raise my kids or clean my house. Not that my house is worthy of a hoarding episode, but there is definitely a layer of clutter that could stand to be removed. After almost 15 years of marriage, we have come to an agreement of some sort. I HATE housework, but will do it becasue it has to be done. My children(3 of them) are old enough that they help with chores. I deal with the day to day madness of cooking, homework, sports, activities, dr. appts., etc… He does laundry-I’m actually not allowed to touch the washer, which he picked out himself, he does uber cleaning when the clutter level get crazy(i’m more tolerant than he), and he does all of the grocery shopping, which for us means 2-3 different stores. He handles morning duty with one of our children because I go into work after dropping off the first two.

    Admittedly, some of it was me letting go as well, and not thinking he was going to “f” it up. I had to relax my controll freak a bit. :)

    I travel for work sometimes as well, usually for a week at a time, which is good for him becasue he has to take over all of the responsibilities. EVERY time I return, when he picks me up from the airport, He gets out of the car, scoops me up in his arms(I’m not small!), and thanks GOD I’m back, realizing that it’s ain’t so easy to do what we moms do on a regular basis.

    So while, he not quite all the way there, I am lucky enough to have one that does participate in some of household madness. His training continues. :)

  2. Rock/Hard Place

    You are so my hero. I am forwarding this link to everyone I know!

  3. Perfect Dad

    Wow, these kinds of posts just make me feel soooo good!

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