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  1. Joan

    I don’t know why behaviors have to be gender linked at all – forgetting to raise hands, impulsivitiy are normal behaviors for any 6 year old, boy or girl. I don’t have sons, I have daughters but appropriate behavior standards are the same for me, regardless of the sex of the child.

  2. Anne Hlasney

    We have 6/12 year old twin BOYS…and they are BOYS! When I consulted one of their previous teachers about the current issues we’re seeing in school – forgetting to raise hand, impulsive (but eager to learn), etc…she told me this…’LOVE them for who they are!’ If they are excited – great! Only worry about it if they are rude / mean / disrespectful…which they are not. I LOVE this article!

    We also have a 5 year old daughter who has learned some of the ‘boy ways’…and I think it just makes her a well-rounded princess :)

  3. Alex's Mom

    I completely agree. I had similar issues with my son. It’s like kids aren’t allowed to be kids anymore. They are expected to be small adults, which is only made worse (in my opinion) for kids who have a parent staying home, who have not really had that kind of setting before compared to kids who have been in daycare for parts of their lives. I am so grateful that my son, now in 2nd grade, has grown past alot of that, and I don’t have phone calls from the school telling me that my son “isnt prepared for school today, please come pick him up.” (Or the heart attacks associated with it).

    On the downside, I have my daughter starting preschool soon, and well she is a tomboy, so I am sure that may lead to a few phone calls.

  4. Perfect Dad

    I love your line ” if this kid were a finished product, she and I would both be out of jobs!”. I’m going to steal it from time to time if you don’t mind. I can’t believe that’s the first time Ms Willett saw any kind of ambition from kids! Hopefully next year’s teacher is a little better. I like this post. All teachers are not like her, and maybe Ms Willett will get more understanding (or is the wine already gone bad and instead of getting better, she’ll get more sour)

  5. Jennifer Fink

    Exactly! There’s actually a lot of research out there about how schools today are not exactly boy-friendly. I highly recommend the work of Leonard Sax and Michael Gurian.

    My boys are homeschooled, but recently began taking 2 classes per day at school. Within a matter of weeks, I’d gotten a note home telling me, in underlined words, that my 10-yr-old was drawing inappropriate pictures of killing. I talked to my son, who showed me the pic. It was a picture of a shark eating a surfboarder.

    Pretty normal stuff in boy-world, if you ask me.

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