No responses to “Join us for the #AlexiaFoods/Tyler Florence Twitter Party”

  1. Tami Stapleton

    Love Alexia’s Sweet Potato Fries!

  2. Riley Lee

    I am so excited!

  3. Scott Martin

    My favorite food is pizza. I will be there.

  4. JoeyfromSC

    This sounds like so much fun! I love Tyler Florence!!

    btw, my fave food is it!

    See y’all tonight!

  5. Luann K.

    Will be there. Love his chicken recipes.

  6. Paula Caudill

    Exciting…I’ll be there! :)

  7. Julie

    Looking forward to tonight! I love cooking and my favorite food is Italian.

  8. @luvmyboys1234

    Love food and food network chefs, looks fun!

  9. Michelle Kay

    Looking forward to great event!!

  10. Jill H

    And love Tyler Florence! See you there! @jillyrh

  11. Jill H

    My favorite food is mexican, particularly Tacos. I make them all the time in many different ways!

  12. Charro M.

    I will be there!! Excited to talk with Tyler Florence!!

  13. Charline Williams

    I will be there @purplelaptop3

  14. Anna Shade

    I cannot get enough of my favorite Indian dish Chana Masala. Chickpeas with onions, tomato sauce and the aromatic Indian chana masala spices….so scrumptious with a little Naan fresh out of the Tandoori oven! My mouth is watering writing about it!


  15. Tracy P

    My favorite food is sushi!

  16. Carlo

    My favorite food is tabbouli salad! YUM! @cestallion

  17. Melissa Kelley

    My favorite food is filet marsala. Medium rare filet with a mushroom marsala wine sauce. Yummy! :-)


  18. Jeannie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE shephards pie! :)

  19. Lagean

    Favorite food: chicken and dressing! I can eat it any time, year round! I eat until I’m beyond stuffed! lol


  20. Patty H

    Looking forward to the party. Love watching Tyler Florence cook and would love one of his cookbooks!

    My favorite food is chicken. Its so versatile!
    Also pizza! I live in NJ wheres theres pizzerias on practically every block lol


  21. Heather

    my favorite food is pizza!

  22. Gayle W

    My favorite food is Mexican food and ribs

  23. Gina

    My favorite food is ravioli – cheese filled or seafood!

  24. Kitoula

    Please don’t tell anyone but I have used Alexia Rosemary/Garlic potatoes, even when I’ve entertained. Every Greek cook knows how to make oven roasted potatoes, but I have used Alexia’s when I’ve been too busy to peel and chop and no one has been the wiser! Shh! Let’s keep this between you and me.

  25. jess

    My favorite food is my great grandma’s hamloaf.

  26. Jill

    Favorite food is anything spicy!!

  27. Erica Best

    My fave food is pizza

  28. Sara @Doodle741

    I love Chinese food – and fried green beans! :)

    Can’t wait for the party!

  29. Denise

    My favorite food is anything Mexican


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