4 responses to “LEAN GREEN FAMILY: Frugal Dinner Challenge”

  1. Diane

    We’ve been working on the frugal dinner challenge too. One goal is to use up food in the pantry and our chest freezer. With grocery prices going up, this has helped our budget.


  2. Perfect Dad

    Reminds me of my mom’s house! My mom loved to shop at the grocery store and the fridge was always full. Every time she went for milk, she came back with enough for dinner. If she went for a few items, she’d do a week’s worth of shopping. We had three or four pots of leftovers going at any time, new stuff next to expired stuff, and things we’d bought years ago taking up room in the freezer. It was dangerous to open the cupboards lest something fall out!

    It’s a bad expensive habit, but nobody gets hurt. At least it’s not smoking.

    I’ve embarked on strict food budgets and “no new food this week” type challenges. It’s pretty easy at my house because we’re not fussy and we don’t expect gourmet.

  3. Lisa Perry

    I’ve done this! I included my pantry too. I was only allowed to purchase fresh fruits and veggies, along with milk. (Even bread I refused to, as I had some mixes for a bread machine in my pantry!)

    I’ve been thinking about trying it again… thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Carey

    Yes! I do this twice a year! In my case it is because my power company is so useless that I try to empty out the freezer before stormy times of year. In the winter, I expand it to include the beans and grains in the pantry since they should be turned over too.

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