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  1. Tara

    I would venture to say most of us would not have dared ask our fathers to drive that distance…it would have been unthinkable. Not to sound really old, but I don’t remember having a different pair of shoes for every sport…parenting use to be easier…or maybe our parents made it easier.

  2. Mommynator

    Definitely correct. If we had more Dads like him, there would be fewer brats and lost children.

    At least this involved something “trivial”, learning to live with the consequences of carelessness. Better shoes than pregnancy or some of the other horrors out there.

  3. autisticlobetrotting

    Teaching teens how to be responsible is such a tricky business.
    My credo is to play it tough with them and letting them learn from their mistakes UNLESS this mistake affects their future .When that the case Ido help but they hear about it to kingdom come:)

  4. Victoria KP

    I have to agree. At 15 it’s time to take responsibility for your own equipment. She’ll be more careful the next time she packs for practice.

  5. Stephanie

    The dad was totally right. I often have these kind of arguments with my 2 boys..if they forget something it is MY fault….I am not responsible for the whole wide world…though some think being a SAHM that is my job description…but it is THEIR responsibilty..Don’t learn it now and the real world will be a rude awakening…

  6. Karen Nagy

    I think he did the right thing, you have to stand tall and back those little aliens down sometime, my twins are 10, the girl is def. more stubborn than the boy!LOL

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