4 responses to “The Moral of Mom's Great Escape”

  1. Jeanne Singer

    You have definitely always known how to have fun. Treating yourself well is long overdue. It took me a while to finish your great piece because I kept getting stuck on the look on Liane’s face – I know exactly the one you mean!

  2. Danielle Rose

    Great post Jen! and many congrats for giving yourself a weekend off. You definitely deserved it.

    This was probably one of the first lessons I learned after becoming a mom-to-be. I was having regular appointments to help get my body in balance – in hopes of (finally) having a successful pregnancy. My massage therapist said to me that it’s important I do this not just for my daughter and her well being, but for myself as well. How will SHE learn how to take care of herself (and by the same token treat herself well) if I’m not providing a good example? Granted, this is one of the hard lessons to KEEP UP WITH… but I do my best. Even if it’s taking five minutes before bed to journal. Good for you for getting a whole weekend. Looks like it changed your whole perception on things. Your story is inspiring to all moms!

  3. Karen Nagy


    That is a beautiful story, I’m so glad you got away and had some fun I can’t imagine what you went through with cancer, I’m terrified of it myself. I ran into my neighbor at Target who just got her cancer free news in december, she went through ovarian cancer last year and all the treatments, she looks great and says she feels great.

    You’re just AWESOME! Your are both warriors!!!


  4. Dee Woolley

    Jen, Great piece and as on one the friends you were visiting we were glad you were able to make it up! I know the laughs we had this weekend were needed by all. Miss ya already!

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