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  1. Susan Eggleston

    I was diagnosed 2008 with stage 2 breast cancer~Had to go though all the treatments~Before I lost my hair it was my illness~I did not wear wigs, so if going out in public hats and scarfs were my cover-up~Some how this seemed to give permission to some people to come up to me and ask questions or make statements about my illness such as “you know you got cancer because of all the bad things you have done in your life”. Don’t you just ignorant people~
    Love your spirit, wish I had found one of those wigs!!

  2. Mommynator

    New here to your blog, too.

    Keep laughing – it’s healthy for the mind and body, and releases good endorphins that can help with discomfort. And I adore the wig.

  3. Joan Zaborowski

    Jen – Love your great spirit and sense of humor! I haven’t been to your website since Nicholas was in my class. I’ve moved to NC and still in 2nd grade. Best of everything to you and your family :) Enjoy your boys…

  4. Christina Z

    Love this post. Great attitude you Rock!!!

  5. Mandy

    Beautiful. The post, the attitude, you, the whole package. Beautiful.

  6. Amy Edelen

    You rock the wig, Jen! Love, strength and healing to you.

  7. Peter Mayhew

    My family and I can relate. When my two and a half year old daughter was diagnosed with ALL, we actually lost friends over it. Some folks simply didn’t know what to say, so they said nothing, and outright avoided us in some cases.

    Bottom line is that you’re right. True friends are there for the good and for the bad. Your friend will come around. Give her time. You know all too well, the shock can be overwhelming.

  8. Ginny Marie

    What a great post! When I broke the news to a friend that I was just diagnosed with breast cancer, he told me, “That’s a good cancer to get!” He meant that it was curable — but my doctor has never told me I’m “cured”. I forgave him…he was too nice of a guy to stay mad at!

    BTW…LOVE the blue wig!

  9. Sunny

    Got pointed here by Redneck Mommy. Bravo, well said. I’m going to have to catch up on your blog. You are a feisty lady, I think I like you :D Oh, and I’m here for you, even though you don’t know me :)

  10. Elaine Schattner

    Terrific post, Jen. For me, the wig was not a happy subject. But being there (by phone or email), and asking if I could use a hand – even though I didn’t – was just right.

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