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  1. Mommynator

    That explains a lot, both for my husband and I and our now-adult children, especially my son.

  2. Heather Mundell

    I’m afraid I’ve got plenty of years before my kids (12 and 9) reach the Stupid Curve. Until then, they’re just ramping up! It’s astonishing the lack of common sense kids can have, and I must say although my teen years were very tame compared to most, I still did some stupid things that could have killed me.

    Most of us do survive the stupid years, but unfortunately too many do not. You only have to read one day’s worth of the “local news” paragraphs in the paper to remind yourself that accidents happen and they could happen to anyone.

    Shuddering now. Knocking on wood, too.

  3. Christina

    Well, who knows what my teen daughter is up to, really–but so far I’m not aware of her doing anything ultra-stupid. This gave me a shudder, though–because I did some really stupid things in college especially. I won’t share details, but cars and substances are keywords

    I guess most of us do survive the stupid years or we wouldn’t be here reflecting on them. Is there some comfort in that?

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