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  1. Jen Singer

    Robin, well, you made me feel better. Good thing your chin broke your fall.

    Kristy, Yes! Slow motion. I had time to assure the men watching I was okay, wave to the car and keep things from falling out of my purse. And yet, the whole thing was maybe 30 seconds long. Argh!

    Thanks everyone!

  2. Petula

    LOL… sorry to laugh. I’m just glad you’re okay so I can laugh in piece. Sounds like a great “save” as far as the roll and I’m glad you hadn’t gotten your treat yet. I can’t recall the last embarrassing thing I did, but I often SAY embarrassing things! Congrats on the interview. :-)

  3. Liz

    Holy stop, drop and roll! Nice move, on all counts, Momma!

  4. Robin O'Bryant

    LOL! One more reason to love you!! I almost had to get stitches once from walking to my couch to my bed. I tripped on a throw blanket and broke my fall with my chin. Walking is hard.

  5. Kristy

    I fell in front of my work building one day. It felt like I was falling in slow motion. And of course, it was lunch time so I had a big audience. :)

  6. Jen

    Don’t you just love a day where your highs are that high but your lows are basically laughable! Glad you weren’t hurt (except for your pride of course)

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