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  1. Carey

    There should be no difference between genders in anything having to do with parenting.

    We commuted via subway to work/day care with both kids from infancy until kindergarten. Dad on the train alone with one or two kids got all sorts of kudos plus slack for fussy kids. Mom? Please.

    Another pet peeve– Dad caring for kids while Mom is elsewhere is “babysitting”. Kudos to the fathers who respond– “they’re my kids, how can you baby sit your own kids”.

    Many thanks to all the fathers out there who are doing their half of the child raising, the good and the bad….

  2. KarenN

    Brilliant! Thanks so much for bringing this out in the open. Kids are lucky to have Mom or Dad or even Grandma to stay home with them. I can relate to the other Moms being so hard on him, I’m an older Mom with twins, and I couldn’t always do all the acrobatics that the younger Moms could do, plus I had twins, so I didn’t get included in a lot of outings. Too bad, my kids are great and I’m still here for them

    Congratulations for bringing up the subject and for the Dad for standing proud.

  3. Marti

    Why shouldn’t “at-home parenting” be worthy of a resume? Aaron proved that all the skills of a managemnt job are required and then some! Way to go Aaron. Sorry the moms were so hard on you, though. BTW, I was a SAHM and was proud of it! Also grateful that my husband’s income was such that I could stay home.

    Jen, thanks for posting this, and for bringing awareness to the plight of SAHD’s.

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