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  1. Arianne

    That totally looks like packing peanuts rather than food…yummy!

  2. Michele

    Loved eating these when I was little. My grandma taught me to open the bag for a day or so to let them get a little stale before eating. I still buy them occasionally, and and always let them get a little stale before I enjoy the snack and the memories it brings.

  3. Jessica

    Gross! I hated those growing up. My 2yo would curl his nose up and say “yuck” if I offered him a circus peanut.

  4. Elizabeth Johnson

    My grandfather always used to have those around and when I was a kid, I loved them (my mom never bought them, so I only had them when we visited my grandparents once a year). A few years ago, in a fit of nostalgia, I tried some again. SO GROSS! Why would anyone eat these things?!

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