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  1. Tara

    The best hiding place is in your car…I love to run to the store, “I’ll be right back”, leaving my children and husband behind waiting for the milk..thirty minutes later after grabbing the milk and whatever at the store, which is five minutes away…(not if you drive around a the neighborhood bit, listening to a few songs) I walk in, and my husband says, “What took so long?”, “long line”, I try to lament. However, I think the family is getting wise to this because my husband has been insisting that he run to the store, not me.

  2. RocketScienceMom

    I was just thinking the same thing last night. Dad got to sit down and watch the superbowl. Mom (me) didn’t sit for the entire time the kids were still awake because I was on constant “Mom, can you get me…” duty. They rarely interrupt Dad. It’s mostly ok, because I am wired to be at their beck and call, but I’d sure like to sit down with my Nook and read a book from time to time without having to give up sleep to do so. :)

  3. KarenN

    Yes, I do think it’s more difficult for women to get time alone. When Mom and Dad are both here in the evening, my kids always call out for Mom first. Dad, Dad who, oh the one glued to his laptop ignoring the screams of his children. I too envy those fisherman, though I’d make it a deserted island with warm ocean breezes.

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