7 responses to “IS THIS NORMAL?: Help! My Child St-st-stutters.”

  1. KateC

    Such a fantastic and informative explanation of what can be a real anxiety producing issue for parents. Well done Tara…thank you so much!

  2. Tara

    Thanks for all the great input above…I really appreciate all the information. Jen, thanks for providing such a fun way for mom’s/professionals to share and get information.

  3. KarinOT

    Couldnt agree more Tara! Sometimes children think faster then they can articulate, and thier speech patterns are an indication of how they are thinking and organizing.A child can be very competent to speak but performing is a whole other matter. Some kids are competent and comfortable in familiar settings, but feel the need to have to “perform” in a social /unfamiliar setting. This can be said for Selective Mutism as well. Figuring out the precurser to the anxiety, or stutter can explain alot. How to rise above it all? A high school student I know who stuttered recently took the brave step of going to a foreign country through AFS. Many wondered how he would do in this type of stressful situation, but when he returned, his stuttering was completly gone. My theory? He took on a challenge, that included learning a new language, learning words and phrases with new patterns. rhythms and intonations and sounds…in a sense perhaps he was able to break the habitual patterns that had been reinforced over the years with english as his first language. The confidence he gained in himself was astounding! He actually had forgotten that he even stuttered! Using this theory, singing might be another great thing to weave into a stutterer’s routine…

  4. Jenna

    Great information Tara! I’m sure you put this mother and many others minds at ease.

  5. Andrea Moreno

    Great article Tara! I can’t tell you how many parents ask me if it is normal for their children to stutter and this information was right on what I tell them. I often notice the children stuttering during sharing time (like show-and-tell) when they are put on the spot. I also notice that most of the time, it is a short period of time usually when they are learning to formulate sentences. I also agree to never try to guess what they are saying or try to finish the sentence for them, it just frusterates them.

  6. Kate Smith

    Great article. My fathers business partner stuttered and there was such a stigma with that back then in the UK. The movie is certainly a great tribute to the strides that have been made in understanding and treating stuttering and your advice to parents about this is invaluable!

  7. Andrea...mom and Speech-Language Pathologist

    Well said Tara!!

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