One response to “RIP Selmer Sax 1929-2011”

  1. Joseph

    Please do not make a lamp out of this saxophone. If it is a Selmer Paris, it is worth restoring. While not as desired as the latter selmer models, still prized by collectors and players. Turning it into a lamp would cause expensive damage. Most people see an old, not shiny horn and assume the worst. Fact is, pads and corks don’t last forever and new saxophone need routine regulation.
    I am a professional woodwind player with the US Army and repair instruments as well. I would make an offer if I had extra income lying around. In addition, it also should not be left in an attic, unless your attic is climate controlled. There is too many variables in an attic that could add to an instrument techs nightmare if left out of climate control.
    Best of luck to you. You have a saxophone of worth there. Not a lamp cadaver.

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