One response to “YOU'D BE SO PRETTY IF: Do Mothers Cause Eating Disorders?”

  1. Ado

    What a fantastic post. I loved what you said about “My goal, as always, is to be a place of refuge for my daughter.” Wow.
    My mother had an eating disorder – bulimia and anorexia. She was never more than 125/130 pounds yet she was on a diet my entire life. She was never more than 5 pounds overweight, if that. She was beautiful. She thought she was fat. She passed this thinking onto me. I was never fat, went on my first diet at 15, began a cycle of feeling I was less-than etc. Anyway – it’s taken a lifetime to recover from her legacy. She didn’t mean to pass it on to me – but she did. And I refuse to pass any of that crap onto my two daughters. So anyway (hot under the collar here on this topic!) … thank you for the post.

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