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  1. Bobbie Perkins

    How about “Mustangs” for a girl’s team in the 50’s?

  2. Victoria KP

    Both of my boys played little league baseball and the teams wore shirts advertising the businesses that sponsored the. Our team? The very tough and manly “Doggie Boutique”.

  3. bballmom

    My soccer team in 10th grade were the “Aliens”. We had these horrible green uniforms. But we were tough.

  4. Elizabeth Mascali


    Great article. Fortunately, my daughter has had every opportunity to play sports through our town and now in high school. These experiences have had a huge impact on her and I’m so thankful she not only had the opportunity as a female but grabbed the opportunity to play from a young age and continue on as the commitment and dedication required increased exponentially. I do have sweet memories of her running on the field for the “purple team” and then things good serious quickly as she graduated to the “Lightning” (soccer), “Ridge” (lax) and “Sol” & “The Fever” (ladies professional basketball) and now just no nonsense, let’s compete “Ridge”.
    I also want to note that I not only get great enjoyment from her involvement, but I am so happy so see so many young girls/young women participating in sports – it’s so healthy on so many levels!
    Thanks again for the article! Elizabeth

  5. Carey


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