6 responses to “New Dads Have More Sex than New Moms. Um, Huh?”

  1. Patti

    Ha ha ha ha! I love it. I think a lot of these dads are making love with Sandy Palmer and her five sisters whenever they hop in the shower, a place I longed to hang out when my daughter was born. I was doing good if I managed a shower a week some months, and less than that if DH had to leave town. My wish is that he’d stop saying “well mommy didn’t (fill in the blank)” and just get up and do it himself. Kids didn’t brush their teeth yet? Why whine about it, it’s two flipping minutes of your time, with YOUR kids! You are not the babysitter, or ‘just the guy who goes to work to pay for everything’, you are their father and you need to remember that. Everything you do for them, is for them, not a favour to me!

  2. maggie

    The TV is constantly on!!!! Constantly!!!!He’s a great father, a great husband, does his share of cleaning and works long hours, but that noisebox is always running when he’s at home!!

  3. Maureen

    Mine leaves his dirty dishes on the counter — not in the sink, and not in the dishwasher approximately six inches below where he leaves them. I want to say I WON’T MIND IF YOU PUT YOUR OWN DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER, I PROMISE but I really try hard to think of all the things he’s done right in the last 21 years instead.

  4. The Carcinista

    Crumbs on the cutting board post-sandwich-making. Every. Blessed. Day. Is this a y-chromosome-linked congenital-blindness thing? There’s a sponge eighteen inches to your right, Einstein.

  5. Amanda

    I think men just like to beef it up when they talk about how much sex they have, lol. My husband is amazing, by the way. He totally takes being Daddy seriously, but I have to say that when I say “watch the baby” it doesn’t mean watch the baby till he cries, then give him back to me! Drives me nuts every time!

  6. Jen Singer

    Okay, I’ll start…He doesn’t understand the universal sign for “Bring this upstairs,” which is to leave it at the bottom of the stairs. Universal, right?

    And you…what’s your pet peeve?

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