7 responses to “Suck it Up, Birthday Girl.”

  1. Ann Delaney

    Happy Birthday to a fellow strong willed Capricorn! I turn 50 next week :)
    Wishing you many, many years to share your life experiences with your grateful readers.

  2. JD

    “Because ordinary moments aren’t ordinary anymore, no matter how hard I try to make them so.”

    I have not battled cancer or anything like it. But I think other types of major life events can have a similar impact. My dad passed away suddenly eight months ago, and that event has made me see ordinary moments with my mom in a much different light. I deeply appreciate each one in a new way.

    Thanks for sharing. And happy birthday!

  3. Jennifer


  4. The Carcinista

    That? Was awesome. I know just how you feel. (Well, except for the published-a-book-making-money thing.) Happy Awesome Birthday, and here’s to many, many more.


  5. Grace Davin

    Happy Birthday Jen – and many,many more to come!

  6. Kris Spurley

    I’m singing “Happy Birthday” out loud to you, Jen Singer. Giddy anticipation until your next book is MINE.

  7. The Mommy

    Keep writing, Jen, until the blank IS filled in. We’ll keep reading. Happy 44th Birthday!

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