2 responses to “IS THIS NORMAL? My Son Can't Adjust to Post-Holiday Back-to-School”

  1. Katrina

    Thanks for this! It’s so true that holding to a schedule helps all of us, but most particularly the kids with other challenges.

    With my daughter (typically developing) we try to keep the times for wake-up and nap (as well as meals and snacks) the same even when on vacation or on the weekends – or as close to as possible – since she’s used to these and it cuts down on the struggles and “I don’t want to”s. It means I can’t sleep in as long as I want to on the weekends and on vacation, but I do get to sleep in a bit :)

    Also, I work with Special Ed kids of many varieties and it’s always so difficult for those who didn’t have a regular schedule over breaks when we come back. We can really tell the difference between those who do and those who don’t. I particularly like the idea of having the kids reflect on what they did over the course of the day, I frequently recommend a journal over summer break, but I’ll start suggesting them for other school breaks as well. Even if they can’t write, drawing a picture of the event(s and dictating what should be written for an adult to write can be just as beneficial, then they can have something to share when they do go back to school!

    Thanks for the great advice, Tara, and keep it coming!

  2. Tricia

    I love this article as it rings so true and is a good reminder to what we all go through over the holidays. Especially true for our little ones with challenges surrounding sensory processing. I am a working mother who had the two week winter break off myself. The first week back to work I was dragging and wasn’t able to get back into the swing of things.. or maybe accept the fact I had to work again :)

    For my son it was an adjustment too! I found that getting everyone back to the usual routine as soon as I could really helped us all. I think the kids have an even harder time because the weeks leading up to winter break are filled with various activities that throw them off from the normal routine which makes it even harder to adjust back.

    I love Tara’s ideas of infusing quiet cognitive activities throughout the day…. I will be trying that over the two week spring break which seems to already be coming up.

    Thanks Tara for your great insights and reminders… I look forward to reading more from you!

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