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  1. Ginny Marie

    I own a Swagger Wagon, and it’s way easier to wrestle my kids into their car seats than it was when I had a station wagon. Plus, I get better gas mileage than a huge SUV does.

  2. The Carcinista

    I’m a convert like Victoria. I love my Odyssey so much I had it pin-striped and monogrammed.

  3. Victoria KP

    I was absolutely dead-set against getting a minivan. MOI? A mini-van? I think not. Then one day my cousin and I were taking all of our kids out and she asked me to drive her van because she was on some medication that made her a little loopy. I feel in love. Madly, hopelessly in love. No, it isn’t cool. It’s an incredibly useful tool that carts around my family and ALL of our stuff with ease. My only complaint, is that my particular model (a Windstar) isn’t great in the snow–better than a Camaro I’m sure. But not as good as I’d like it to be.

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