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  1. Stephanie

    Momma does the magic in our house also. DH is allowed to shop for me..I do like suprises…though I have bought my own gifts before…and his dad who is so cranky..DH has to deal with him. DH likes to shop but takes too long and never looks at prices..just buys what he likes…So to save time money and my sanity…I get to play Santa..

  2. Arianne

    Actually, my hubby does a great deal of the shopping in our family. Shopping isn’t my favorite thing in the world, and navigating Christmas season traffic–both on the streets and in the stores–makes the task something I absolutely dread. But my husband loves getting the gifts. Hunting for the perfect gifts, showing me his finds afterward, and hiding them in the right spot are all part of the magic for him, not just a dreaded task. He even likes to wrap. The past few years, he’s bought nearly all our kids’ birthday and Christmas presents…now if only some more of my frugality would rub off on him, it would be a perfect set up!

  3. Karen Nagy

    I can relate to that, Mom does all the shopping here, I just kinda know where to find the bargains. We as a family did trade in our old clunker for a new Honda Odyssey and hubby did pick it out and drive it home with a bow on it….. of course after both of us did the research. Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Carey

    Really? You are even ASKING who shops? My circle contains NO shopping men!

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