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  1. Elizabeth Benducci

    Elizabeth Edwards is quoted in People magazine saying pretty much the same thing- she wanted another 8 years, just enough to see her kids through high school.

  2. Jim Higley

    Jen – wow. Powerful. I live every day praying I can get my kids to “18”….and then “21.” It’s so bittersweet – I don’t want them to grow up but I need to know that they are maturing and able to live without me should we come face-to-face with cancer again. The lurking boogey man in our world. Beautiful piece, Jen.

  3. Gayle

    Great words, Jen. I well remember those exact thoughts early on in my treatment, when my son was only 9. Now, almost 9 years later, I still have those thoughts as my only child prepares to go off to college in a few short months, but with the gladness, joy, and thanks to God that I’ve been here to experience it! And, thanks for expressing how I feel every time we lose someone to cancer. Anyone who reads this, take those feelings and put them into action to help someone in need. Take them to the doctor, do their grocery shopping, clean their house, sit and visit with them – anything to give them help and hope. Merry Christmas, all!

  4. Jackie Dishner

    I believe. You will.

  5. Jill U Adams

    Lovely — and packs a punch.

  6. Kate

    Yes! Very well said, Jen.

  7. Mary

    Beautiful, Jen. Thanks for reminding me of the best Christmas gift of all…another day.

  8. Kathy Sena - Parent Talk Today

    Jen, I’m wishing for more than that for you. I’m waiting for the blog post you’ll write on your blog about how you took the grandkids to the county fair for the first time. And got ice cream AND cotton candy. And how the youngest — the one that looks just like your oldest boy — threw up in the car on the way home. And how it was the most marvelous, memorable day. That’s what I want for you, my friend.

  9. Dawn Sandomeno

    It makes me sad that the worrying steals some of your joy Jen , but maybe in another way it makes you enjoy everything that much more.

  10. Stacey

    This post is so beautiful, so perfect and exactly right. As a mother of two boys under 7, I have the same wish everyday. I just want to see them grow up and hearing of Elizabeth Edwards, another mother, just forces reality in. I want to keep it out for a long while.

  11. Maggie

    I wish you years. Merry Christmas….and thank you.

  12. The Carcinista

    This might be the post I can’t write. Now that the walls are closing in on me, I can think of little else, yet if I write about it, I’m afraid it will become real, and that I can’t handle. God bless those size 16s, and the fact that you’re around to see them. What a gift you’ve given your kids, and yourself.

    Way to fight for it.


  13. Ann Delaney

    Thank you for sharing your feelings, and ultimately, validating our own worries and emotions. Merry Christmas, Jen.

  14. Maureen Salamon

    I have long felt the same way, and I’ve never had cancer. One of the reasons I had children young was because my own parents were a bit older and I wanted my kids to grow up not worrying about my mortality. Now my oldest is a college freshman (who just came home for Christmas) and I look at him and think, Good. He’s grown up. Still not old enough to lose a parent. We’re never old enough. The way you’ve expressed yourself is so beautiful and makes so much sense.

  15. Denise Schipani

    Beautiful, and beautifully said (as always). Every day we get to see our kids get a little bit bigger, smarter, more capable, less vulnerable, is a gift — and you know that more than most. Thanks for the lovely post.

  16. Ginny

    Yep. That about says it all.

  17. kris spurley

    I thought of you, too. You do such a great job at living, Jen Singer. Your words bounce around in my head long after I read your posts.

  18. Carey

    Hell, yeah

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