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  1. Aurel

    Yeah! Thank you! This will help me with Christmas presents this year. GiGi is getting this for a gift this year! Hey- you don’t have to be 5 years old to enjoy one of these! They’re actually quite fun because there’s no commitment!

  2. Jen Singer picked Aurel! Congrats.

    Check in next Friday for a Hershey’s giveaway, and, as always, in between for fun and more at MommaSaid.

    Thanks for playing so nicely.

  3. Tara Torres

    My daughters would love this!

  4. Aurel

    I would give this to my best friend as one of her Christmas presents!

  5. Cindy Dawkins

    I know my 6 year old grandson James will love it!

  6. Sara @Doodle741

    That is so awesome!! I would give it to my son, James!!

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  7. Yady

    We will donate this to the Crespi High School Toy Drive. In keeping with their Christian call to “love one another”,  Crespi Carmelite High School has adopted 60 families from areas in the San Fernando Valley. It is their hope to provide Christmas for the children of these families.

  8. Tiffany

    I would give it to my 5 year old niece who loves to draw and use her imagination. The last etch a sketch she had tore up from where she used it so much. :)

  9. Jo

    My grandkids would like something like this- and no mess (bonus!).

  10. Amy

    Hi Jen,

    I know it says 3+ on the box, but I would give this to my 6-year old daughter, Lily, who would love it so much that she would probably sleep with it. Thanks!

  11. rebekah

    This may be selfish but I would give it to myself. I love these things and never have had one before!

  12. shenais

    This would be a gift for my daughter who loves sketching. She needs something in the car. She hasn’t had an Etch a Sketch in years, and I bet she could create some pretty neat drawings now that she’s older.

  13. karla

    My daughter, who loves all things artistic, and few things technical. I think this would happily combine both.

  14. alison

    My daughter, Skylar, would love this! And, I’d love to give it to her. :-)

  15. Kelly

    My daughter loves to draw and would LOVE this! How cool is it that it GLOWS!

  16. Paula

    I’d give it to my second to oldest son he loves to draw and it helps his add great gift thanks for the chance :)

  17. Gina

    Without a doubt, I would give this great toy to my daughter. She loves art and is a very “visual” person. What a great idea!

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