No responses to “Join Us for the Windows Moms' Happy Holidaze Twitter Party”

  1. Beth Riffel

    Fun times!

  2. Mary C.

    RSVP @swtthing3

  3. Eve


  4. Jessica

    Trying to RSVP @jessicadigsbutt

  5. Donna K

    RSVP @donnak4
    It sounds fun.

  6. Barb W.

    I don’t see my RSVP either, so just in case…


    So exciting! Thanks for the invite!


  7. Jennifer

    I will be there :) I am @Jentifa see ya soon.

  8. nellie schultz

    Looking forward to the party

  9. Selfish Mom

    I’ll be there!

  10. Bridget combs

    @hrlivingwell rsvping also

  11. Nancy

    Linky didn’t ask for my twitter id! So I’m RSVPing here: @hip2housewife!

  12. Barbara

    Hi, can’t wait! My rsvp isn’t showing but I’ll be there.


  13. Veronica Reed

    RSVP @Mystic_Sorrow

  14. Chacoy

    Mined didn’t show up so here is my RSVP to be safe:

  15. Janet Carpenter

    @JanetandMaya I’ll be there!

  16. DeeAnn R

    Mr.Linky is not working. I’ll be at the party tonight!!

  17. @Mortiqi

    I’ve tried to RSVP and it won’t let me


  18. Tamara

    I’ll be there!


    or, in the case of twitter jail…


  19. JoeyfromSC

    I rsvp’d with only 42 names showing-It must take a while lol

    @JoeyfromSC on twitter!

    Sounds like a blast! tweet y’all there!!

  20. Jennifer

    Linky not working..


  21. liberty_lover

    I’m having trouble getting my comment or link to appear. But I love a party and plan on being there! :)

  22. Liz P
  23. amanda @ fake ginger

    Can’t wait! :) (@fakeginger)

  24. Birdie S.

    I will B there @birdson777 thank YOU

  25. kristin

    I can’t wait!

  26. Laura

    RSVP @lifestooshort7


  27. Kristin Morris

    I am planning on attending, having trouble with the RSVP link!


  28. Wendy

    RSVP @WendyNoel72

    Sounds like it’s going to be a great party!

  29. Laurissa Deininger

    RSVP @laurissa_doll

  30. Amanda

    My name didn’t appear, I’ll be there @ugottafriendnme

  31. Lin

    Looking forward to the party! Hope this counts as my RSVP….


  32. Patty Smith

    trying to RSVP
    I am @mnpatty

  33. Christie Haskell

    Put me in at @RanaAurora !

  34. Kimberly Ciesla

    Still isn’t working for me either..thanks for mentioning to comment down here! So excited about the party, following you both, and will be tweeting via @ciesla504 (Kimberly)

  35. ciara

    linky still wasn’t working :o/


  36. Amy

    I’ll see you there!

  37. Nicole

    Sounds amazing! what a great idea.

  38. Carlo Emanuele

    Not sure if my link worked


  39. Melissa Lawrence


  40. marlene

    I am not in the states, but thanks anyway. My twitter is mkt39.

  41. Suzanne

    Just in case the link didn’t work above… @SuzieTable

  42. Andrea Hatfield

    I left my link on the linky but just in case I’m @simplyandreah

    See you there!

  43. Kelly R.

    I am not seeing my RSVP show up. But I will be there with bells on! @manelook

  44. Lexie C.

    Do you have to be a ‘mom’ to get involved? I’ve fulfilled the role of ‘mother’ to my younger sister for the last 10 years.

    I’ll RSVP just in case :) twitter handle @PRationality


  45. Sheryl Edwards

    Plan to attend. Sounds like a fabulous party!

  46. Christina Z

    I dont see my RSVP ALSO so in case it dont show up

    RSVP @chrissiemz

    Thank you !

  47. Michelle

    rsvping! looks like fun

  48. Amy N.


    Thanks a bunch!

  49. Robyn Wright of Robyn's Online World

    It’s on my calendar! Mr Linky didn’t like me today – but I’m @RobynsWorld

  50. Cindy H. @lifeonprint

    I RSVP’d! but…it isnt showing
    But I will be there!! Tweeting too!

  51. Jill H

    Hi Jen.

    I didn’t see my RSVP show up, so posting it here.

    RSVP @jillyrh


  52. LMC502

    Mr. Linky is just kind of spinning :) so in case my RSVP doesn’t show up, I’ll be there! @LMC502

  53. Rebecca

    I’ll be there!

  54. Carrie

    @chiisexy rsvping. Thank you

  55. Betty N

    Looks like a fun time. @born2boop

  56. Christie

    @wanderingmn RSVPing please. Looks like fun!

  57. Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    @Lexiquin is excited about the party. I’m afraid I’ll be a little late, tho, because my daughter’s first basketball game of the season is on Wednesday night.

  58. Shelly aka allysmama

    I RSVP’d and it didn’t show up. I tried again and linky said I already had…so, doing it here to be safe!

  59. Mimi

    Not seeing my comment so I’m repeating. Didn’t notice if the comments had to be moderated. Sorry. I’ll miss the first 45 minutes or so because we’ll be at kids church. I’m RSVPing as @bigguysmama. Thanks.

  60. Coast to Coast Mom

    @c2cmom RSVPing. See you then :-)

  61. Mimi

    I won’t be here until the 2nd hour of the party. We have kids church until 7:30pm CST. I’ll try to get there asap. I don’t see my RSVP so I’ll do that now too: Mimi @bigguysmama.



  62. Veronica Vasquez

    RSVP @ChaoticKarma23 .. Looking forward to it! =)

  63. Jen Singer

    Mr. Linky is having troubles, so if you name doesn’t appear, please RSVP using the comments like this one. We just need your Twitter handle so we can follow you back.

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