25 responses to “FREEBIE FRIDAY: Gatorade Fuel Pack with $50 Gift Card to Dick's Sporting Goods”

  1. Jen Singer

    Random.org picked #23. That’s you, Sachia!

    Thanks everyone for playing so nicely. There will be no Freebie Friday this week because of the holiday, but it’ll be back again next week.

  2. Aurel

    We love swimming at our community center, but not anything competitive. I like personal goals rather than team sports, frankly.

  3. Sachia

    Terren does Volleyball and Basketball, Jonas is my skateboarder, Laken is my bike rider, and Addison is my official toy thrower (19 months).
    My biggest tip is have a calendar for each child but have one family calendar on the refrig so everyone knows where to go and when…multiple sports and kids, locations…etc can be recipe for disaster if not prepared.

  4. Mom on the Verge

    My kid had to give up soccer after her started taking that “no, give ME the ball” thing personally. We now play only NON-contact sports. ;) Like bicycling and look-a-me swimming!

  5. Quara

    We’re all about Ballet at our house. I suppose that isn’t technically a sport, eh?

  6. Jo

    We enjoy soccer!

  7. Elizabeth C

    we play tennis and it is so much fun. it is great exercise and it really is a great sport to play with your family!

  8. shenais

    my oldest plays basketball and my youngest has a gymnastics class!

  9. hj

    We are a basketball house, which is funny because none of us are really very tall:)

  10. Dot Sandman

    My boys love basketball

  11. Amy F

    The closest I come to sports is cycling. That counts, right?

  12. Summer

    We love to swim.

  13. Janice

    Cycling. Not your traditional sport with a ball, but it’s a sport :)

  14. TamaraH

    I have four kids and they play football, basketball and swimming. In high school, I played basketball.

  15. Sara @Doodle741


    J played soccer last year (he is 6 now) but didn’t like it too much, so we are going to try another sport this summer – his choice! :)

    Thanks for the chance!!

  16. The Mommy

    My boys don’t play sports yet, but I’m starting to think about maybe training to run a 5K for my 40th birthday. I’m non-comittal like that. However, right now the Gatorade would be used to re-hydrate after the flu. Stinks!

  17. SunRae

    My kids play basketball, volleyball and softball. Always busy!

  18. Daria

    My kids just ended their outdoor soccer season. My daughter is playing indoor now and I’m looking to sign them up for basketball.

  19. Patricia

    My son is only two but my husband + I fish and hunt! A GC to Dicks would help me buy him a cool Christmas gift!

  20. Christina

    My son (and I) play baseball, soccer, and stunt swinging in our back yards.

  21. Kati

    Both my boys started soccer this year–our last game of the season is Saturday!

  22. Joan M

    My daughter plays soccer (flight champs as well! Go Lions!) and also does mixed martial arts. Watching her compete and concentrate and be a part of a team makes me see a whole different side of her that simply amazes me. It also makes me wish I had the same opportunities when I was younger!

  23. Karen

    Soccer, soccer, and more soccer. (Well, I still like to call it fútbol.) School season just ended. Varsity finished in state quarterfinals! Fortunately, my older son plays club ball and their first season tournament is this weekend. We’re heading out today, in fact, to buy new warm-up pants for him, the die-hard soccer player, and a snowboard for my younger son, the new boarder. Merry early Christmas to them!

  24. Elizabeth Johnson

    After two non-athletic boys, my third son, Greg, has become a high school athlete, running cross country. He gets incredible joy from running, and I get incredible joy watching him run. I fully expect that he’ll do spring track as well.

  25. Kate

    My guys play football (also sad to say goodbye to teammates and coaches this season). Baseball in the spring. Basketball. Tackle-the-brother. Bike-with-spokes-missing racing. Dog sledding (with the dog *in* the sled). Real or fake, my guys are into sports!

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