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  1. Antonia

    My sons show their emotions (often quite melodramatically) at home, but at soccer on the weekend they “shake it off”. I find it a bit bemusing, but I feel proud of their stoicism. I am also pleased that they feel secure enough to show their feelings at home. I guess part of growing up and becoming a socialised adult is learning to adapt our behaviour to different situations.

  2. Angela Steward

    I like to think I treat my son and daughter the same in terms of crying. I comfort my son as well as my daughter. I don’t deprive him of a hug or cuddle time just because he’s a boy. We all need to be loved right? I don’t let EITHER of my kids become “cry babies” but I let them hurt when their is pain.

  3. Debra

    I have mixed feelings on this. I personally think my boy should be able to show his emotions and cry when he needs to, but then I’m female (duh) so I can’t really understand what moving through life as a male is like.
    I also know the guy in college who sobbed hysterically when we broke up, claimed I had ruined his life, and spent the next two years calling me up erratically and crying at me again about how I’d screwed up his life wasn’t exactly a stellar example of men crying. :)

  4. Carey

    I know that this is a serious discussion but I have to share that the most recent time my 10 year old was on the verge of tears was when he was looking in the pantry and it appeared as if all the spaghetti was gone.

    Back to the serious– look at the responses folks had to John Boehner (I guess I will have to learn to spell that) choking up on election night.

  5. Lana

    Being a mom to boys, I can understand this and sometimes, I wish the world did not have such a high expectation of men and boys that starts from childhood. I think that being tough all the time is hard. My ten year old can get really emotional and I think that is due in part to the fact that he holds a lot in. The only time he cries is when he had enough of things going on – maybe he got a bad grade, or he got in trouble at school, or got into a fight with a good friend – and it adds up and then, for example, I ask him to do something and then when I ask why he didn’t listen, he starts crying and that is when I know it has been a stressful day for him. I think, as parents, we have to realize that our kids get stressed too and if we teach them that it is okay to cry, they will learn to not hold so much in as much. No one expects them to cry in front of their peers but it is okay to cry when they feel they need to. Unfortunately, society, their peers, and the men in their lives have higher expectations from them.

  6. Marcela Shine

    I agree, and wish it wasn’t the case. I see this with my husband too. Hope that I can teach our 12-month old son that showing his emotions will be an important part of being in an open and honest relationship when he grows up.

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