Cavemom Babbles about Top 50 List.

One correct answer on today’s sixth grade social studies test, if you need to know, is: Social scientists believe that clay sculptures found in caves signified individual clans. I know this, because I was testing my son over breakfast this morning.

And it got me thinking: Aren’t blogs the clay sculptures, or maybe cave drawings, of today? I mean, each blog has its own size and style, and it belongs to a clan, just like clay sculptures do. And if you steal one, people come after you with flames. Right?

It made me think that perhaps my clay sculpture, which I molded way back in 2003 when Facebook was for college kids and Twitter was something birds did by your window, must be buried in the back of the cave. I am the Neanderthal of mom bloggers.

How else can I explain why MommaSaid didn’t make Babble’s Top 50 Mommy Bloggers this year? Or last year(which pretty much looks like this year’s)? It’s filled with some of my friends and colleagues, like Lenore Skenazy at Free Range Kids and Liz Gumbinner at Mom-101, who totally deserve to be there. I’m sure all 50 of them deserve it. But I feel like I’ve got to goods to be there, too, no?

When I whined about being left out last year, Liz told me to make sure to make sure Babble knew about me. You know, campaign. But I was busy publishing books and warning the morning TV audience about cyberbullying moms on the Today Show and making videos to try to snag a spot in a casting call for a reality show about mom bloggers. (Was that good, Liz? Do I have to put it on a billboard outside the Babble offices?)

So, after this year’s list came out, I added myself to the “Nominate a Blogger” list. I would ask you to give me a “thumbs up” there, but there’s no way to link directly to my little voting section, which has dropped to a dismal 130 today, and no way to add a badge here to make it easy on you to vote.

Considering that I went to vote and lost interest trying to find MommaSaid among the kachillion bloggers (who surely deserve to be on the list, too) with blogs that, like mine, start with “M-O-M,” I can’t very well ask you all to go through the trouble.

So gave up and did a little surfing around Babble, which I read from time to time, and found this review:

“Babble is the hipster parents’ own online magazine.” — The New York Times

Oh! Now I get it. I’m not a Neanderthal, just a geek. Well, in that case, would you sit at my lunch table today? We could talk about cave drawings together.

Is this good, Liz?:

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  1. Kris Spurley

    I get it – it’s like a performance appraisal to you, right? Like Mom’s reading your report card in front of all the relatives at Thanksgiving and you have to explain why that B wasn’t an A. PPPpllllbbbbbttt! I agree with Liz. And Mom101 and all the other people out there. Yes, I voted, but only because I adore you. (By the way, your rating is now 100. Really people. But I refuse to be annoyed. Just proves what a meaningless thing random ratings from a third party are. Your Spurley Content Rating: EXCEEDS expectations.

  2. Jen Singer

    Ah, Jennifer. I see that I have slipped even further. At least I’m at the top of that page, for now.

    It just seems that they should make it easier to find it. I can’t make a direct link to it, and the ranking changes (slips) daily. A badge would be wonderful.

    Thanks so much for the effort!

  3. Jennifer

    If you go to the Alphabetical listing of blogs, you are on page 4, number 151.

  4. Arianne

    Yeah, I noticed that. I looked for you and was surprised that you weren’t there.

  5. sarahviz

    Cheers to you!

  6. Jen Singer

    Liz, you spoil me.

    Beth, wanna trade sandwiches?

    Peggy, love, love, love you!


  7. Peggy

    Well, I ‘ve heard of you, read your blog, have read your books (and given them as gifts!), but I’ve never heard of “Babble” before today. Maybe that makes me more ancient than you? I don’t care… :-)

  8. Beth

    I am so glad I am not alone. You are at the tippy top of my list and I will continue to sit at your table any day of the week!

  9. Mom101

    If you’re not at the head of one of the most coveted lunch tables in the cafeteria, well sign me up for Chess Club and call me Myrtle.

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