No responses to “God Jokes. Good Thing I Have a Sense of Humor.”

  1. Liz @thisfulhouse

    Holy Hannah Montana, woman, glass half full indeed. Thanks for that! Hope you’re feeling better!!

  2. karla

    Beautifully written….again.

  3. Rachel W.

    Oh Jen. Just wow on this one. Feel better!

  4. Jen Singer

    I had the chills, too, Karen! But I think you mean something else.

    Thanks to you and all!

  5. Karen Hoffman

    You gave me the chills…glad your feeling better…Happy Anniversary…

  6. Alana Peterson

    I said earlier today, from one real life, Jersey Mom to another, you ROCK! Keep on doing that Mom thing! You are the greatest gift to your family and to those who “follow” you. That’s what this “Momma Said!” Ha!

  7. Ann Delaney

    Tearing up and laughing at the same time. Glad you are feeling better and can share the “glass half full” with the rest of us :)

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