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  1. A Joyful Chaos

    Both my husband and I can’t tolerate these ads and have vowed to not buy a Toyota because of them. Thankfully we haven’t seen them this past week so I’m hoping they decided not to use them any longer.

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  3. admin

    The first time I saw that little girl rant at her mom about serving her minced fish, I shouted, “Time Out!” If these were my kids, they’d get an attitude adjustment.

    I hope the “I want my kids to think I’m cool” phase of parenthood has died, along with playing music in the womb and elite travel soccer for six-year-olds. Take it down a notch, parents. Your kids will thank you when they go out on their own and discover they don’t have their own butlers or chauffers anymore.

  4. Karen

    Yes, I wanted to smack those kids, too. And I think it does sadly reflect the attitude and treatment and “entitled” feeling of too many kids today. This is why I could never be in advertising. We have a Sienna (bought used), and love it. But watching the “lame” dad washing that old paneled van makes me want to shout to him, “You go, dude!”
    If that were real, I bet that dad would be a smart money manager who doesn’t fall prey to having new vehicles every few years.

    In our home, we value thrift, budgeting, and not falling for every new gadget/thing just because “everyone else” has it. (Dave Ramsey – debt-free and “If broke is normal, then I don’t want to be normal.”) It’s not the brat in the fish sticks commercial that would make me not buy the product – I just think they’re terrible. As much as I agree with what Kathy says, I don’t know that I personally would be influenced enough to not buy a product based on these ads. I appreciate it being brought up, though; it’s something to consider.

    We don’t watch TV, so the only place I would see these ads to be influenced by them anyway would be on the web.

  5. Dawn Papandrea

    Ugh… I couldn’t agree with you more! I went on a similar rant last year about those annoying Gap cheerleader girls. I’m so tired of obnoxious kids being trumpeted as cool. Beyond the very odd marketing trend, what kind of message is it sending our kids? Sadly, I know quite a few parents who let their kids dictate purchasing decisions, and that’s what these companies are capitalizing on.

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