The Candy Mom Can: Momma Said You Deserve Chocolate.

I know it’s the day after Halloween and your stomach is still grumbling from all that candy you snitched from your kids last night (oh, I saw you), but I couldn’t resist this opportunity.

My friends at Hershey’s — I was their S’mores spokesmom last year — offered to send bags of their delicious new candies, Hershey’s Drops, to 30 people of my choosing. Hershey’s Drops aren’t due in stores until December, so those 30 folks will get the same tasty preview we got at my house last week. Well, not an entire week, because we devoured both bags in three days.

Hershey’s Drops has two flavors: Chocolate and Cookies n Creme. My son described them as “M&M’s to the tenth power,” except they don’t have a hard candy shell. The chocolate ones taste like mini Hershey Kisses with a smooth finish, which keeps them from melting in the bag and in your hands. The cookies n’ creme taste like white chocolate-meets-Oreos.

Hershey’s said I could give them to 30 people today, but I gently explained the Halloween hangover thing most parents are currently enduring. So, I thought it would be way more fun playing the “Candy Mom,” like the Candy Man, only female and shouting, “Who left the Reese’s wrappers all over the floor?!”

Here’s my plan: I’m going to pick one person every day in November (including Thanksgiving), either here or on my Twitter page or at the MommaSaid Facebook page. It’ll likely be someone who leaves comments, or retweets me, or “likes” stuff on Facebook.

Every day, I’ll announce that person in all three places, and then you’ll need to get back to me so I can get your address. I have to give you, let’s say, three days from the announcement to send me your address, or I’ll have to pick someone else, because I’ve got to wrap this up by the end of the month. You understand.

That’s right: I’m going to mix it with love and make the world taste good.

Who is our first recipient of a randomly chosen 8 ounce resealable pouch of either the chocolate or cookies n’ creme (in other words, I have no say in what you get) Hershey’s Drops?

Momma says Kris Spurley. She’s a long-time MommaSaid fan who takes the time to comment here on Momma Blog and retweet my tweets. So Kris, shoot me your snail mail addy, either through DM on Twitter or by e-mailing me at jensingerATmommasaidDOTnet. Thanks for being a fan.

So there. I’ve started my first day as the Candy Mom, taking tomorrow and dipping it in a dream. Or whatever. Thanks to Hershey’s for all the fabulous free chocolate and to everyone who reads MommaSaid. Check in tomorrow to see who gets the next bag o’ Hershey’s Drops.

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  1. Jen Singer

    Whoops, LIsa, I picked you twice. I need to let someone else have a chance:. Oh, I know!
    November 30th: Nikki at the Mommy Factor:

  2. Jen Singer

    I fell behind there for a while.

    November 26th: Kim in Minnesota, who left the first comment under this blog.
    November 27th: Kirby Pioreck for being so excited about the WindowsMoms Twitter party.
    November 28th: Melinda Wentzel of Planet Mom.
    November 29th: Cathie Beck, author of the great memoir, “Cheap Cabernet”
    November 30th: Lisa Perry.

    Congrats and enjoy!

  3. Caroline

    Thank you! This is so cool — my kids will be thrilled! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Carey

    THANKS!! My kids can’t wait!

  5. Jen Singer

    At MommaSaid, we are very thankful for our fans. So here are some Thanksgiving week winners:

    November 22nd: Caroline Poser
    November 23rd: Sarah Welch of Get Buttoned Up
    November 24th: Carey Fitzmaurice of Teal Toes (ovarian cancer awareness)
    Thanksgiving: Heidi Adams of Planet Cancer

    Thank you!

  6. Jen Singer

    November 20th’s winner is Lucy Banta of NJ Family Magazine:

    November 21st goes to Chemo Babe:

  7. Jen Singer

    November 19th’s winner is Christine Adler, who kicked off this year with the Housewife Award:

    You go, Christine!

  8. Ann Delaney

    Thanks! Proud to be from “Jersey” :)

  9. Jen Singer

    Jersey girl Ann Delaney gets today’s Drops:


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    […] […]

  11. Jen Singer

    November 17th’s winner is Lana at Living it Loving it:

  12. Jen Singer

    November 16th goes to “The Mommy” at Long Daze, Short Years: because she doesn’t get much sleep, but she drops by MommaSaid anyhow.

  13. Jen Singer

    November 15th goes to Amy Halstead!

  14. Jen Singer

    And, I fell behind a few days. So here goes:

    November 11th: Shelley Baty, who, last time I checked, lived on an Air Force Base. Happy Veteran’s Day!

    November 12th: Robin O’Bryant of Robin’s Chicks:

    November 13th: Jennifer Nowak of The Great Balancing Act

    November 14th: Patricia La Brie


  15. Monica Bhide

    Thanks!!! LOVE IT

  16. Jen Singer

    November 10th’s winner is Monica Bhide who makes me hungry at her blog, Spicecapades:

  17. Sachia Logan

    Thanks so much can’t wait for my chocolate!!!

  18. Jen Singer

    Whoopsies. I’m behind a few days. Okay here goes:

    November 7th’s winner is Alana Peterson for being a great fan.

    November 8th’s winner is Sachia Logan for being one of MommaSaid’s fan for the longest — since way back in the day.

    November 9ths winner is the Twitterer known as @Kiddos1138. Thanks for including me in your Follow Fridays.

  19. Jen Singer

    November 6th’s winner is Adam Keeble because he makes us laugh. Thanks Keebo!

  20. Jen Singer

    November 5th’s winner is: Cristi Carpenter, a long-time MommaSaid fan who had four kids ages 2-11. Go hide and snack on chocolate, Cristi!

  21. Jen Singer

    November 4th’s winner is my niece, Erin, because it’s her birthday. Love you kiddo!

  22. Jen Singer

    November 3rd’s winner is Jill Berry, who writes at She’s a writer, mom and avid retweeter @musingsfromme. Congrats Jill!

  23. karla

    Clever how you mixed the lyrics up throughout the entry. Impressively clever for a morning entry, also.

  24. Jen Singer

    November 2nd’s Candy Mom winner is: Tamlyn Overmier , who always “Likes” stuff on MommaSaid’s Facebook page. Thanks Tamlyn! I’ll get your address through Facebook.

  25. Kris Spurley

    Like I needed another reason to love Jen Singer. THANK YOU!!!!!!
    Hershey’s anything never lasts long at my house. Can’t wait.

  26. Kim in Minnesota

    Ok, now I’m singing Sammy Davis Jr. “The Candy Man” (er, I mean ‘The Candy Mom’) in my head. Tasty!

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